Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Organizing!

As you know, Spring is right around the corner, and every year around this time I get such a strong urge to clean out and organize. The first thing I wanted to tackle was my closet. My closet is pretty small (sadly!) and I was quickly running out of space to put all of my clothes, and I just didn't like the way things were organized. I was having to put a lot of clothes in my dresser, which I don't like because they get wrinkled. So, I asked my dad if he could install another closet rod and move my existing one up higher so I could have two levels. Best idea ever! Now I can fit so much more in there... with room for many more additions ;)
This is a picture of my closet before the reno

I love having a handy dad :)


I also bought this shoe rack thinking I would have room at the bottom of my closet. Although the clothes hang too low. Fortunately I found a perfect place for it tucked right beside my dresser.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recent Buys

Recently I picked up a few items both beauty and not beauty related. I'm super excited about a few of these items, specifically the RapidLash, but more about that in an upcoming post. 

Benefit's Eye Bright-$26

I absolutely love this product! I've been using it on the inner corner of my eyes and just under my brows. It completely brightens up my eyes and makes me look like I got an extra 8 hrs sleep :)
bag- $18- H&M
I've been wanting a purse like this one for a while. I love the colour, I have boots exactly the same shade that will look perf with it!
Benefit's CORALista blush-$36
Aaaah... I finally got my CORALista. It was quite steep, but I knew if I didn't get it I would regret it when I got home. The brush that comes with it is cute, but I think that's about where its functionality stops. I think I'll be using my own blush brush. Other than that, I love!
RapidLash- $59
I am SO excited about doing an in depth review and photo journey of this product. When I bought it the lady at the counter said she has to stop using it because her eyelashes were getting TOO long!
Ring- H&M-$7
I love chunky rings :) I only wish I had gotten the size down :(

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