Monday, April 25, 2011

Health and Fitness Checklist Challenge! Come along for the ride!

A couple of days ago I wrote about how starting the Monday after Easter I am going to start my new health kick. Here is the daily/weekly goals I have set for myself. I am going to print out a tangible copy of this list so I can have the satisfaction of physically checking off each item as I achieve it. Hopefully after doing this for a while I will have formed habits out of these tasks.

1. Cardio 5X a week (running, spinning, aerobics class)
2. Weight training/resistance training 3X a week
3. A minimum of Yoga once a week
4. one planned cheat day a week
1. Limit breads, starches and simple sugars (more on this in a later post)
2. Eat vegetables at every meal
3. drink 8 glasses of water a day (also awesome for your skin!)
4. wake up by 8am every day
5. no eating past 9pm
6. take my multi-vitamin and omega 3 supplements every day
7. Floss every day

I would love any feedback, comments, or suggestions from you guys. OR if you guys joined me that would be AWESOME!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting in Shape for Summer

Now that spring and summer and dawning upon us most of us girls have something haunting our minds... swimsuit season! I'm guilty of overindulging and lacking (majorly) at working out on the regular. I find that I go in cycles of being super motivated with eating healthy and working out, and then cycles of being so lethargic and unmotivated.
Starting this Monday (after Easter of course) I am going to start fresh again. I am in the process of making a weekly daily/checklist of all the health and fitness goals I was to accomplish each week. Whether its run 3X a week, drink 8 glasses of water a day, and so on. I'm going to compile the list and then post it on my blog and update it with how well I am doing along with stats.
I would LOVE it if any girls wanted to join me in my new health kick. Let me know and we can share tips, recipes, goals and motivation. Summer, here we come!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kat VonD's Tattoo Concealer

Last week my mom and I took a trip to Sephora. I wasn't really in need of anything, but when has that really ever deterred me from shopping? I am always on the hunt for a good concealer. My two holy grail concealers are, and have been for a long time, MAC's studio fix concealer OR Benefit's Boing. They both have SUCH amazing coverage. But on this day I decided to try something new, and I picked out my shade in Kat Von D's Tattoo concealer. I thought "WOW, if it can cover up a tattoo a few spots and undereye circles should be a piece of cake.
I have only used this product for about a week now, but I think I really am liking it. The main reason is it's consistency. Unlike my two holy grain concealers, this product is a liquid and very, very creamy and easy to blend. It's coverage is very good, although I wouldn't say AS good as studio fix or boing because of their thicker consistency. I had one big red pimple near my mouth and I found I needed a bit more coverage so dabbed on a bit of my studio fix on top. Although, I could have used the tattoo concealer to create a better coverage. Overall I really liked this concealer. I'd give it an 8/10.
PLUS the $33 concealer can with a FREE $25 concealer brush. And it's actually really nice! I'm not sure how long that promo lasts for at Sephora, but if your interested you should definately check it out.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

$500 Dollars worth of makeup? YES PLEASE!

One of my favorite and home-grown blogs is hosting an amazing contest! They are giving $500 worth of some of their favorite makeup picks from January to March of 2011. They have some amazing products amongst their choices. I suggest running, not walking, over to their contest and entering yourselves!

Here's the link to the contest:


Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY Facial Scrub

Buying bottles and bottles of skin products can be very expensive. From cleansers, to toners, moisturizers and masks: the dollars really add up. They are also full of unnatural additives and preservatives, and sometimes your skin needs a little bit of au natural pampering. I make this at home scrub with three simple ingredients I can guarantee everyone has in their kitchen. Your skin will thank you! Here is the recipe:
In a small dish combine Sugar, honey and lemon juice (bottled or fresh). There are no exact measurements, just use enough until you create a liquidy-paste consistency. Apply to damp skin with damp fingertips and massage in circular motions around your face, making sure you are careful around your delicate eye area. Then rinse, and there you have it, clean, smooth, soft skin.

Here's a lowdown on the three ingredients and WHY they are so good for your skin:
Sugar: the sugar acts as a gentle exfoliant that scrubs away dead skin cells that causes dull skin and eventually clogs your pores and leads to breakouts. I think sugar is a good choice compared to other "natural" alternatives like ground apricot pit, as in St. Ive's famous scrub, the particles do not have rough or sharp edges that give your skin microscopic cuts.

Honey: Honey has been a beauty staple for thousands of years. I think I remember reading somewhere that even Cleopatra used it on her skin to keep it looking its best. The reason honey is so good for your skin is because it is a natural antibacterial as well as a natural moisturizer. The benefits of honey for your skin is endless regardless of your skin type. Thank you Mr. Bee :)

Lemon: I use lemon in this recipe because of its acidic properties. The natural fruit enzymes help to buff away dead skin cells, as well as brightening the skin and reducing dark spots from either aging or post-acne marks. If you have overly sensitive skin I would suggest starting out with a little amount.

I hope you decide to try this recipe yourself. Comment below and let me know if you liked it.
Lots of love,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm on a boat...

About a month ago I saw a picture of a girl wearing these shoes that I referred to as "boat shoes". I though they were SO adorable and immediately started googling "boat shoes". By doing so I came to realize that the shoes I fell in love with were actually called "Sperry Top-Siders" and I am the last known living person to have not heard of them before. All I have to say is that I AM IN LOOOVE. I want a pair so badly. They would look so cute on a breezy summer day with a pair of khaki coloured shorts or chinos and a flowy striped nautical inspired top. Sadly my new loves are a wee bit on the pricey side. I'm considering either sucking it up and getting them, or maybe getting a pair of an equally cute Sperry-inspired shoe, like the ones I have seen popping up on forever21's website recently. You have to admit, these adorable little things make you wish you were on a yacht on a crisp July night... well at least they do for me.

Sperry's in the colour "ice"
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