Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bath and Body Works Candle Haul! (Christmas Edition)

One of my favourite things about the holiday season is the deliciousness that is Bath and Body Works Candles. I mean, all year round they have delightful candles, but around this time of year is when I get particularly excited and go a little candle crazy.

Bath and Body Works is one of the very few stores that I can drag my boyfriend into that he he doesn't complain about within 2 minutes of arriving. It's become a little tradition over the last few years that when they put out their holiday candles, we spend the time to sniff out our favs.

Which made the cut this year? Check out the links for a description of each amazing scent!

Have you spotted the theme? I love the sweet treat holiday scents! But if I had to choose my favourite of the bunch, I think I would have to go with the Mint Chocolate. So delicious!

Have you sniffed out the holiday Bath and Body Works range? Tell me, what's your fav? I'm in the market to pick up a few more.

Lots of love,


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