Monday, April 22, 2013

Heal acne naturally with two simple ingredients from your kitchen

Are you looking for a way to combat pesky breakouts without breaking the bank OR slathering on tongue-twisting chemicals? As you may have already noticed from reading my previous posts, I love simple, natural beauty solutions. If a product has ingredients I can pronounce and recognize and comes from good old mother nature, I tend to gravitate towards it. Better yet... I love being my own chemist! Researching and experimenting new ingredients I can use on my skin and hair that I already have in my kitchen. This leads me to my two favourite ingredients for nearly every skin problems you make be having.

Drum rrrooolll please......

 HONEY AND LEMON JUICE. Yep... that's it. Sorry if that was rather anti climactic and sounds more like a nice cup of tea than a facial treatment, but trust me, they work wonders on the skin AND are quite budget friendly!

It's best to get raw and organic honey, as this type of honey packs the most punch. Albeit, a tad more expensive then the honey in the plastic bear, the extra pennies are worth it. It is anti microbial and super hydrating- great for dabbing on pesky pimples. Honey has actually been used for century for the skin because of it's amazing healing properties.

As for the lemon juice, straight from the lemon is best. (Insert cheesey "when life gives you lemons" joke here...). Although, admittedly, when I don't have a lemon lying around I'll reach for the bottled one. Lemon juice is a powerful natural chemical exfolient. It contains citric acid that helps to remove the dull and dry outer layer of skin, revealing fresh, new and brighter skin underneath. It also does wonders to reduce dark spots left over from old pimples (I swear these marks are worse than the actual zit itself!) #FirstWorldProblems?

How I use my kitchen miracles

Option 1: Honey and lemon mask

Mix 2/3 part honey and 1/3 part lemon juice (you can play around with these proportions) and apply the mixture to my freshly cleansed skin. For an extra skin treat, I sometimes steam my face prior to applying to allow it's sweet goodness to penetrate the skin even better

Option 2: Plain honey mask

Repeat option one minus the lemon

Option 3: Lemon toner

After cleansing my skin at night I will sometimes use lemon juice as a skin toner. I use plain lemon juice, but if you have sensitive skin, it may be a wise idea to dilute it in some water, as it can sting. Do not wash it off and wake up to brighter skin the next morning.

So before you reach for that super expensive, chemical ridden and harsh skin product, take a short stroll into your kitchen. You'll be happy you did. :)

Have you tried either of these ingredients in any of your beauty routines? I would love to here how!

Lots of love,


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