Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 days of Pinterest: An experiment


If you are anything like me you're obsessed with Pinterest. I could literally spend two hours straight pinning pictures of adorable cupcakes I'll never make, hair styles I'll never try and crafts I'll never create.

Well my friends, this is the day I declare the days of pinning and hoping are gone and the days of pinning and DOING have arrived. That's right, instead of collecting a bunch of pictures that are pretty to look at, I'm actually going to give some of Pinterest's most popular pins a go. From recipes, to crafty creations, DIYs and tips, the possibilities are endless. Now, whether or not my attempts will be a success... well  that's another story.

Tomorrow will be the first day of my series "100 days of Pinterest". I hope you'll swing by and see what my very first attempt will be. Martha Stewart, step aside...



  1. This is SUCH a good idea! I wouldn't have the motivation to do this for 100 days! Good luck ;)

    Christina from Passion Obsession x

    1. @Christina: Thanks! I don't think they will necessarily be 100 days in a ROW, but 100 days total...hopefully. If I don't burn my kitchen down before then!

      Lots of love


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