Sunday, October 10, 2010

Favorite Perfumes

They say scent is the strongest of our senses that is attached to memory. Have you ever smelled something- a certain food, candle, perfume- and it has immediately brought you back to another time? I know this happens with me all the time. I will wear a perfume that I haven't touched since high school, and I am sent whizzing back in time.  Ahhh... the smell of awkwardness and insecurities lol :).
Anyways, I recently went through my perfumes and I have come up with my three most worn/ favorite ones in my collection that I am always reaching for. It got me to thinking, will these scents one day send someone else whizzing back in time and be reminded of me? Its crazy how the human brain works.

From Left to right:
1. Couture Couture by Juicy Couture
2. J'adore by Christian Dior
3. Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger (I need a new one of these as you can see)

1 comment:

  1. You're very lucky to have the Juicy Couture perfume. I really want it but it's quite expensive, isnt it? One of my favourite perfumes is number 3 by D&G :) i actually did a post on it not long ago :)



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