Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Diet and Exersice...and my sugar addiction

 If you new me personally, one thing you would definitely know is that I'm an addict...a SUGAR addict. I love candy, cookies, cake, ice-cream...anything sweet. Mmmmmm.... But lately I've been feeling my addiction creeping up on my waist line and I'm NOT liking it. So, today I made the decision to make a new start.  Also, my family, my boyfriend, and I will be heading to the Caribbean in January and I should start thinking about beach photos ;)

Now, I'm not obese in any capacity, but as of late I have not been feeling my best physically. I have been feeling lethargic and having no energy. I am going to start exercising daily and experimenting with some new healthy foods and recipes! So if you would be interested in reading my regular posts , or even better, joining me on my journey, then follow me for daily updates! If anyone else is interested in joining me leave me a comment :)

In my next post I will reveal my starting stats, my plan of action, and my goals.

1 comment:

  1. I neeed to do this, I will try and do it with you :) xxx


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