Friday, October 8, 2010

How I Saved My Frizzy Hair

 The story of my hair is very long (no pun intended) and it has seen many colours of the rainbow. My hair is naturally a medium mousy brown colour and is very frizzy and easily breaks. The stands themselves are thin, although I have a lot of hair. As for the texture of my hair the easy answer would be that it is straight for the most part with random kinks, curls and frizzy bits throughout. I have gone back and forth between brown and blonde a few times, and I about a two months ago I ended a year long love affair with the blondest hair I have ever had to return to my true roots (pun intended hehe).
Now that you have heard my hair's history I have to share with you my recent hair routine that I feel has made my hair into the most beautiful hair I have ever had in my life. I have NEVER been told that my hair is shiny or healthy looking. I have always been the envious girl that walks behind the girls with the shiny hair and secretly hating her, until recently that is. Last week my best friend in the world who would never just throw a compliment my way in the name of flattery, saw me and the first thing she said was, "WOW your hair look super healthy". This of course was like telling me I looked like I had lost 10 pounds!
So, without further ad-due adieu here are my three new favorite hair care loves that I think will be with me for the long haul:

Beyond The Zone's Glam Street Glaze for Brunettes: This product is available at Sally's Beauty Supply and it is only about 10 dollars. I believe that this product is the number one reason my hair has been so shiny and healthy looking. It coats your hair while also boosting your colour. It takes my hair from being a dull brown to a more rich brown with more highlights. I LOVE this stuff!

Schwartzkop's Got2B Hottie conditioner: Next is my current favorite conditioner. I hate spending money on expensive shampoos and conditioner, so when I found this product by Schwartzkopt I was so happy. This is the hands-down best drugstore conditioner in my opinion. When I use this on my hair in the shower it feels like silk!
Finally, last but not least is a dry shampoo. The one I have been using recently is by TRESemme. The reason why I think dry shampoo is one of the reasons for my hair being so much healthier lately is because I have made a promise to myself to not wash my hair on consecutive days so my natural oils can work their magic. Now, this poses a problem for us greasy girls (ew lol) like me. Thus, on days where I must face the world on a no washing day (I only use SLS free shampoo btw) I spray this product on my roots, wait a few minutes, brush it out, and POW fresh hair.

I hope that some of these hair tips that I have found useful will help you finally find your perfect hair routine too!

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