Friday, February 4, 2011

Back from vacay and ready to write!

Well ladies, as you can tell, but probably didn't even notice haha, I haven't made any posts to my blog in months. I think I just felt uninspired and uncreative. Although, I have just returned from a gorgeous vacation in Cuba and I feel revitalized and ready to start doing more posts and really dedicating some time to my blog. Also, I feel like I would be more inspired if I found some new and fresh blogs. I feel like when I find a couple of blogs that I love to look at and read I get a boost of motivation. If any of you ladies have any blogs that you LOVE I would love to hear about them.

Also, I have decided that I would like to do a wide range of posts on my blog including recipes, reviews, product reviews, movie reviews, DIY recipes, personal pictures, and so much more. Any other ideas would be great too.

Other exciting news... as some of you may know I am a university graduate as of 2010 and I am taking this year off from school before doing post-graduate studies. Well, a couple of weeks ago before my Cuba vacay I went for a couple of school interviews. As of September 2011 I will be starting my postgraduate work in PR (Public relations). I am SO excited about it! And when I think about it, this blog will be good for me to keep up my writing during my school hiatus.

I look forward to more posting (and reading your blogs) more!
ciao for now :)

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