Monday, February 7, 2011

My New Skincare Routine

About a month ago I started a new skincare routine after being fed up with trying a million different things and never sticking to one product or one consistent routine and getting fed up with my skin acting like a pubescent boy's skin. I have been battling small and medium sized pimples and very clogged pores.

I went to my local Clinique counter and asked the specialist which skincare line would be best for me. As some of you may know Clinique's skincare line have four different formulations for various skin types ranging from 1-4, 1 being for the driest skin and 4 for the most oily. She suggested I get a level three which includes a liquid soap, a toner, and a moisturizing gel.

So far I have been loving the system and am truly starting to see a difference in my skin. My favorite product of the three, and the one that I believe is making the most difference is the toner, which they call the "revitalizing Lotion". It is supposed to exfoliate your skin, unclogging pores and bringing out brighter and clearer skin.

I am going to continue this skincare system and see if I continue to love it and if it keeps improving my skin.


  1. I also recently started using this skincare line, and I LOVE it. I'm a 2 level, it's great, best skin ever!

  2. how has the skincare routine been going so far? I need to switch my routine as well since i have been getting oily on my t zone.


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