Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rapid Lash: The Ultimate Test!

Hey girlies! So, my best friend has been raving non stop about this product called Rapid Lash. It's a lash serum that you put on at night and it is supposed to make your lashed grow longer and thicker within weeks (you can also use it on your over-plucked brows). Her eyelashes are admittedly much longer and thicker, she told me so many people have insisted that they must be fake. So, of course this intrigued me and now I want to give it a whirl. The price is about $60, depending on where you get it. Here in Canada that is the going price.
In order for me (and you!) to see the process of the product I am going to take photos of the process. I'm thinking 2 pictures a week for about 4 weeks. So, make sure you follow my blog to get updates on how its working to see if this is a product that you may like to try.
Kim Kardashian lashes... HERE I COME!

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