Thursday, August 11, 2011

Makeup (Re)Organization

If your a reader of my blog and I have read my previous post you are well aware that I am pretty stressed out at the moment with life in general. When I get into funks like this one way that I tend to cope it by cleaning, sorting, and organizing everything around me (which kind of makes me wish I were like this more often :S ). So my first victim of my cleaning/organizing hurricane was my makeup. As you can see in the first picture there really was no rhyme or reason to how I stored my makeup. I would try and keep it quasi organized, but eventually I would use it and just through it somewhere. 

I have had this train case for over 5 years. It was a present from my aunt for Christmas and it came with a bunch of bad quality makeup which I never really ended up using. BUT the train case itself is brilliant and I had never really thought to keep my makeup in it.
 Everything fits in nicely and neatly and there is a fairly deep bottom part that is perfect for bigger items that I can't fit in the trays or even brushes. I wouldn't use this for travelling- unless I was a makeup artist or Tammy Faye Baker. When I travel, or stay the night at my boyfriends I just take what I need and pop it in a smaller makeup bag and off I go.

How do you guys organize your makeup? I would love to see!
xx Jessica


  1. I love the whole train case storage idea, It looks so much neater and you can see it all together! I keep mine in different drawers, it really needs re-organising!! xxx

  2. for fashion Lovers Like you :
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    thanks! xx

  3. Mine pretty much looks like the first picture, lol, dont have as much makeup tho! :P


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