Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So Stressed: Life Update

I have been the worst blogger known to bloggerdom for the last couple weeks. I have had so much stuff on my plate that I couldn't find the time, and quite honestly the motivation to do any posts.
As some of you might know (I've posted this in a few posts before) I am starting a post-graduate program starting this September. My campus is in Toronto and my original plan, and had been for the last year, was to move in with my University roommate in Toronto. VEEERY long story short, there was vast miscommunication between where we both wanted/needed location wise in the city to be near where we needed to be.
So, my new plan of action is to commute into Toronto everyday. I live about an hour outside of the city, which isn't too too bad, although the wild Canadian winters we tend to have scare the pants off me. The upside is that I will be saving thousands of dollars I would have wasted on rent AND I don't have to leave my boyfriend. Although now I have a whole new plate of worries like what if I am the only commuter in my program and I miss out on a lot of social aspects of the program (which it is a VERY social/group oriented program), along with the stress of traffic, commuting, parking, my sad old car... blah blah blah. You might be reading this thinking that this really isn't that stressful of a situation, but for me I am the kind of person who needs a solid plan far in advance, and this situation has been all over the place for the last couple of weeks. So yeah, that is my story of where I have been. I have so many blogs I need to catch up on!
I hope to have some new post up very soon!
xx Jessica


  1. Commuting is very stressful... I have 40 minutes to an hour each way to my job, and it's terrible in winter, too. I hope you figure out a way to make it easier on yourself and it works out with the other people in your program!

  2. Im sure you wont miss out on too much, after all, once you make friends, you can stay at there place and things :) xx


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