Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Wish List

My Birthday is at the end of July and my parents and boy have been asking me for some prezzie ideas. These are just few items I've had my eye on as of lately. 

I have wanted this watch for almost a year. Whenever I see a girl wearing a Michael Kors watch my eye is immediately drawn to it. I think it is so classic and striking. I also like the rose gold one, although I think the classic gold will have more longevity in my wardrobe.

If your family is Italian like mine, especially southern Italian, you will recognize this. In Italian culture this horn, known as a "cornicello" is an emblem that is said to protect from the "evil eye". My Nonna (grandma) has these thing hanging all over her house. Anyways, I recently found this necklace on etsy and fell in love with it. It is dainty and understated and I love it.- and it's only $26!

My hair is naturally very dry, it's also dyed blond, AND it's summer- a recipe for disaster! I have tried many deep conditioners and hair masks over the years, but lately I've been hearing a lot about this product so naturally I want to try it. Have anyone tried it already?

What are some things of your wish list?


  1. I have always wanted a rose gold watch, chunky watches are so chic, although my mum just gave me her old watch which is dainty and beautiful, which i have completely fallen in love with! :D rachinald.blogspot.com


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