Monday, July 4, 2011

Absolutely No-Chip Nail Polish for 10+ Days?!?!

This is a beauty tip that has absolutely changed my life! Yes, that is a vast overstatement... but in all seriousness it is an awesome tip!

First off, before I begin I just want to state that I cannot take any credit for this beauty tip. All credit goes to the very lovely Kalel Cullen from her Youtube channel Queenbeeuty . She is the sweetest girl and has some amazing tips that I actually use, like this one!

So, the simple tip is this. If you want your nail polish to last with no chips for weeks, have your manicurist to apply acrylic over your natural nail and have them apply the polish over the acrylic. (This is different from when you get a french manicure when they apply an actual fake tip). I don't know why this works, or the science behind it, but it does! The only draw back is having to get the nails filled (about every 2 weeks).

So if you want (almost) maintenance free nails, give this tip a a try!

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