Saturday, July 30, 2011

Professional Work/School Fall Essentials

If your a reader of my blog than you know that come September I will be attending Post Grad studies in PR. PR is a very image conscious profession in which it is always important to present yourself in a professional way. During my orientation session it was stressed that we are to dress everyday to class as we would in a business atmosphere. This is a drastic change from the Ugg boots and sweats I would throw on before dragging myself to 9am lecture in University. Thus, I have found yet another reason to shop. REJOICE! 
These are a few items that I plan to purchase as new staple items in my wardrobe. For the most part they can be mixed and matched for a multitude of different outfits with a polished look.

The low-rise heel:
As much as I LOVE 4 inch heel (only being 5 foot 4) they are just not practical for every day use, especially taking the subway everyday.
 Classic Button-down:
I love the look of a crisp, white button up shirt. With so little effort it makes you look so polished and professional. I prefer fitted ones like this one rather than the popular "boyfriend" style. This is much more work appropriate.
 The Trench Coat:
Even though this one is probably the least "essential" of all the other items I still want one so bad for fall! They are so classic and it goes with almost anything. I especially like trenches in their quintessential taupe colour. AND they remind me of spies, which are ALWAYS cool, duh.

Pencil Skirt:
This is a definite work/school staple. Pencil skirts have been, and always will be in style for a reason. They are very flattering on many body shapes because they elongate your torso.
 Dress Pants (or for my UK followers- trousers):
Again, these go without saying. A couple pairs of dress slacks are a must have. I prefer them in dark colours like black, navy and grey. This way they are a. more slimming, and b. you can have more fun with bright coloured tops.

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  1. Love the trench! They look so sophisticated :) Im moving to Winnipeg for the first year as that is where the boy lives, but i want to go to toronto or vancouver after that! :D


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